Photographing in San Antonio, Texas

Goal of this campaign shoot

This shoot will help us to create a luxurious representation of what we as individuals can do, but also, what we can do as a team.  We will showcase the beauty of the location from many different angles.  The dresses will be highlighted to show the detail and elegance, as will the lingerie underwear, Model and makeup.  When we post our images on social media, we will give credit to all vendors, as each plays an important role in the shoot.  We will have images and video clips to use on our websites and various social media platforms. 


Key Notes

  • Coordinator/Photographer in TX Jennifer Denton @jen.dphotog

  • Head Photographer NYC: Will Cadena @WillCadena

  • Permits on location are approved. (Paid in full)

  • Retainers sent out to vendors (Makeup & Hair) @PENDING send to

  • Dress company @bridalreflectionsny

  • 3x Models fees have been Approved (Payment will be in person) @PENDING send to

  • Assistant (s)

  • Rented a vehicle (Van paid in full)

  • HORSE(S) (ARE PENDING, will be paid by CC once confirmed)

Hashtags will be used (MISSING TAGS FROM TEAM, please send to



  • Mission San Jose Church


  • September 19th

  • Makeup/hair 6am

  • 8am on site to shoot


Mission San Jose Church

Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo is a historic Catholic mission in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The mission was named in part for the Marquis de San Miguel de Aguayo, José de Azlor y Virto de Vera.

  • The 1850 Settlement


  • September 19th

  • Makeup/hair 2pm

  • 4pm on site to shoot


The 1850 Settlement 

August Anton Pieper arrived in Texas soon after the first settlers came to New Braunfels.  Leaving Germany on September 21st 1845, he arrived at Galveston on November 25th 1845 on the Ship “George Dillus.”  He was a single man of 21, the son of Johann Pieper and Catherin Nee Gable.  August was born June 13th 1824 in Klein Bergwedel, Hanover, Germany; the oldest of 4 children.  The others, 2 sisters and a brother, came to Texas a few years after he arrived.  The 1850 census of Comal County, Texas shows August Pieper living with the Julius Dresel Family at New Braunfels, his occupation listed as laborer.  It was soon after this census was taken that he settled on Cibolo Creek.

  • Park 31 Spring Branch, TX


  • September 20th

  • Makeup/hair 2pm

  • 5pm on site to shoot

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.47.34 PM.png

Park 31 Spring Branch, TX

he San Antonio River Walk is a city park and network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio, Texas, USA.



  • Models are responsible to get to locations. (locations will be updated soon where to meet for MAKEUP & HAIR)

  • Schedule for models will be updated here.

  • We will be bringing two-three High End Evening wear for your sizing from NYC.

  • ADDITION PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN OUTFITS, that will go for some of the looks that are shown on link & image gallery that will work with locations. (this is where you can have fun, Head photographer will guide you what might work best for location look)

  • Please bring shoes/pumps black/nude will work best and bring sandals walking will be involved

  • Please bring accessories (jewelry, clothing anything you might need)

  • Smoke bombs will last no more than 70 seconds, we will practice few times before we light them!

  • Please look over for the mood/images to get an idea of the outfits to bring (they don't have to be an exact copy but you see what we are planning to do)

  • Please bring things you might need (bra that won't show, Thin Pasties, Adhesive Silicone Nipple Skin cover and undees (ALL SHOULD MATCH YOUR SKIN TONES)

  • Makeup and hair will take 2 hours to do. (Reminder Payment for hourly rate for modeling will be while we are photographing not during makeup or hair)

  • Each Model will receive payment end of campaign shoot and will receive 5 Final/Signature Style edits from Head Photographer from 2-3 weeks after campaign shoot.

Model will sign waiver/model release on Location, please bring your identification (Driver's license or Passport)