Task of Assistant/ Format for Assistant

  • Set up lighting
  • Manage gear
  • being aware of things
  • treat the day like its your event

(This means anything taken out of car must be put back exactly how it was in the car)

What to bring in at the Bride's house/hotel

  1. Stand bag
  2. Tripod
  3. Ice lights

(when you open cases take a picture with you cell so you know how to put back on case and you know what is missing.)


Set up flashes/lighting gear for Portrait session

  1. CHANNEL B stand will have Softbox and on stand and zoom on 80 degrees
  2. CHANNEL C stand will have speedlite/flash on stand and zoom on 28 degree Reflector out and ready for portraits.

(When head photographer is behind the camera Reflector must out and ready, if he/she not be Behind the camera keep it out of path of photographer.)

End of Session

Put everything away in cases

  • EXCEPT: The two stands with the flashes on them.

(o a dummy check where we shot, even after your put gear back in cases and nothing is missing.)