Part 1 out of 2

(Doesn't matter of location always the same setup unless otherwise stated by head photographer)

What to have or bring in?

  1. Camera case
  2. Two stands
  3. Tripod
  • CHANNEL B stand and a flash zoom 28 on degrees
  • CHANNEL C stand and a (2x) flashes zoom on 50 degrees
Stage 1 Chruch.jpg


  1. CHANNEL B stand is always next to main photographer the aisle. (45 degree angle of who's he/she's capturing)

  2. CHANNEL C stand is always 40 to 50 feet where the bride will be coming out of from. (Not in aisle far left of aisle, need the flash to be directed to the whole wall but can not be in the line of my lens)

Stage 2 Chruch.jpg


Once Bride meets Groom/partner.

  1. CHANNEL B stand You will point flash to Bride once they are both standing alter/priest/etc

  2. CHANNEL C stand Will be brought to Parallel Chanel B is and point flash to Groom/partner ou will have alot of down time here, which means to make sure camera case is rganize and clean (lens/flashes/caps on lens, etc...)

Stage 3 Chruch.jpg



Assistant must have another flash with them which will be on

  • CHANNEL D zoom 35 degrees aiming at their faces and will be next to photographer standing 45 degree angle.

There will be

  1. 2-3 shots are done after they kiss on alter

  2. 3-4 shots when they are walking out

  3. 2-3 kissing shots middle of aisle

  4. 2-3 shots them walking out with there hands up in the air.