Shooting date: Sunday August 28

Time: 630pm

Goal of this mock shoot

This shoot will help us to create a luxurious representation of what we as individuals can do, but also, what we can do as a team.  We will showcase the beauty of the location from many different angles.  The dresses will be highlighted to show the detail and elegance, as subjects and makeup.  When we post our images on social media, we will give credit to all vendors, as each plays an important role in the shoot.  We will have images and video clips to use on our websites and various social media platforms.  The purpose of these images and videos is to promote our individual companies, as well as our working relationships.  Please remember to give credit to Josephine Fusco and Will Cadena Photography when images are posted. 




Location 1

General Grant National Memorial

W 122nd St & Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10027

Any day, empty location

Best time to shoot 7PM

Best time to shoot 7PM

Location 2

United States District Court

500 Pearl St, New York, NY 10007

this location will work on sundays