MOCK WEDDING SHOOT Monday August 22, 2016

Location view and Understanding the times of the evening we will be shooting.

Details has been updated since AUGUST 21th

Goal of this campaign shoot

This shoot will help us to create a luxurious representation of what we as individuals can do, but also, what we can do as a team.  We will showcase the beauty of the location from many different angles.  The dresses will be highlighted to show the detail and elegance, as will the flowers and makeup.  When we post our images on social media, we will give credit to all vendors, as each plays an important role in the shoot.  We will have images and video clips to use on our websites and various social media platforms.  The purpose of these images and videos is to promote our individual companies, as well as our working relationships.  Please remember to give credit to Sanctuary Hotel I HAVEN Rooftop, Pedestals Florist, Bridal Reflections, JLM Videos, VEM Makeup, and Will Cadena Photography when images are posted. 


Team members making this shoot possible.

Social media!

Agreement of doing this amazing project together, giving credit on Social Media.

Tag us in "Tag people" and under caption of image Copy and paste what is below or in your own format. (just by tagging us "tag people", is only using 50% of using social media tool, by adding handles under caption you will be using 100%) Highly recomend this so there isn't any misunderstandings.

  • Photo: @willcadena #willcadena
  • Florist: @pedestals
  • Dress company: @bridalreflectionsny
  • Makeup: @victoriaelizabethmakeup
  • Video: @jasonmontalvo

Time line for Teams

(please keep in mind photoshoot can start 20-30mins earlier or later depending on the day, weather, etc...)

  • 3:45pm - Model shows up for makeup and hair (FEMALE AND MALE MODEL)
  • 3:45pm - Vem Makeup and Hair- start on location with model
  • 4pm - JLM videos starts capturing BTS of production
  • Pedestals- Pending.....
  • 5:15pm - Model changes to new dress jewelry
  • 5:25pm - Bridal reflections team double check dress and details
  • 5:30pm - WCimagery team Start shooting 1st location


  • Pedestals- Pending.....
  • 6pm - Model changes to new dress jewelry 
  • 6:05pm - Vem Makup touches up 
  • Pedestals- Pending.....
  • 6:25pm - Bridal reflections team double check dress and details
  • 6:30pm - WCimagery team Start shooting on 2nd location


  • 7:10pm - Model changes to new dress jewelry 
  • 7:15pm - Vem Makup touch up 
  • Pedestals- Pending.....
  • 7:45pm - Bridal reflections team double check dress and details
  • 8:15pm - WCimagery team Start shooting on 3rd location
  • 9pm - Photoshoot finished all teams are done.


2 Sanctuary Hotel Lobby .jpg

1st Location, start time 5:30pm

Lobby plus there are other locations with this are we can use


2nd Location, start time 6:15pm

there are two location that will work best to shoot up here depending on the lighting and the Idea that Phil has.

1 outside.jpg

3rd Location, start time 8:15pm

this is where the signature image will be for the whole shoot.



Sanctuary Hotel 132 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036


Icon Parking Systems 145 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

Janine Manager Sanctuary Hotel Gets you discounted rate for parking