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" Lighting on the run, when there isn't enough time on the job. "


  • Class meeting in Fountain Room

  • Date: Friday June 22, 2018
  • Time: 8am

Lunch (location)

After lunch we will meet

  • River Room (Post production)
Ashley Nikole

Ashley Nikole

Model/Our Talent:

  • Ashley Nikole
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Attention all conference participants!

We know you are excited to share the images you shoot, at the many workshops you attended, but there are some things you need to remember...if it was not for your instructor and the conference, you would not have learned what you did to get that shot! Please remember tagging a person in an image IS NOT the same as giving credit! Please be sure to CREDIT the conference, instructor, model and makeup artists when possible. For example, caption under image could read:

  • Check out the image I shot at @outofchicago this week! 

  • Conference: @outofchicago
  • Instructor/class: @willcadena #lightingontherun
  • Model/makeup: @ashleylastname" 



New York City event photographer Will Cadena shares some of his quick tricks and tips for how to get the commercial-like imagery, in camera. You'll see how he works fast, and uses what is around him to create imagery that will impress your client, when there isn’t much time to spare on the job! He will show you how he uses hard light, soft light, and available light along with reflectors, and color gels.

His teaching methodology is unique in the sense that he opens up your mind so you can see photographic potential quickly in any situation and gives you the tools to correctly practice and hone your skills from the comfort of your home. He understands the difference between simply showing you how “he” does something and actually teaching you how to do it for yourself. Will’s goal at workshops is to transform his students into independent problem solvers especially when there isn't anytime on a job/project.

Besides this objective, others topics that will be discussed are:

  • · Go over how to best use natural light, flashes, and strobes based on the pose and the location
  • · How to read and harness a location's photographic potential based on the desired pose.
  • · Understanding how to pre-visualize the shot before you push that shutter button.
  • · Pushing yourself creatively. (framing, sculpting light, video lights, and reflectors)
  • · Posing both men and women with intent.  Posing is not a set of rules, it is a set of decisions you make.
  • · Shaping different face types with light
  • · Hide what you don’t want to show
  • · Why and when to choose certain lenses and understanding angles
  • · Standing shots, sitting shots, and laying down shots
  • · How to achieve natural and believable expressions
  • · Positioning hands, legs, and spine
  • · Understanding posture
  • · Portraits with style
  • · Posing women
  • · Posing men
  • · Separating yourself by creating gorgeous bride/groom/subject portraits
  • · Identifying posing problems and creating solutions
  • · Deliberate practice techniques and how to practice posing at home

Business Topics: (If the need arises or students ask)

  • · Client meetings
  • · Preparing for a client meeting
  • · Setting client expectations ex. available light, post production editing, blemish removals vs. liquifying. Removing objects, etc.
  • · Limiting album choices
  • · Pricing albums for strategic upgrades on layouts and products
  • · Educating your clients on top issues and timeline management
  • · Giving a client something that won't cost your anything and look like a hero.
  • · Closing a deal with a prospective client by understanding how they think
  • · Using your own (personal) social media to get clients and make others to talk about you without spending money on sites to promote you.
  • · Why to consider to outsourcing your work production work

What to bring

  • Bring a camera and a couple of lenses (preferably a 16-35mm 2.8, 24-70 f/2.8 and a 70-200 f/2.8 if you don't have a 2.8 is not a big deal at all), flashes and whatever you use to do off-camera flash, and a reflector/diffuser.  Please don't bring a ton of lighting gear, you won't need it.  What is mentioned above is all you need.  
  • A Laptop for post production/notebook and a pen to write with and take notes.
  • To maximize your learning experience, I ask you to know the basics of Photography and know your gear! (We are not there to show you/teach you about your camera/flash) The workshop will go a lot smoother for you if you understand your gear.
  • Comfortable shoes: We will be doing two long photo shoots outside and inside.  So bring comfortable shoes to walk in. (keep your gear light, to have an idea how light, Will Cadena will have (1) camera body, (2-3) lenses, light stand, (1) speedlite flashes (maybe a strobe depending on location)

During post production Segment

This link you will use to download image(s) for only post production segment in class to follow step by step.

Usage rights for portfolio images:

Will Cadena wants you to be proud of your images and use them, however, we do ask that you mention somewhere in your blog/Social media that the images posted were taken at a workshop and NOT at a real wedding/session.  This is to keep the integrity of the work we show prospective clients. Images can not be used for print competition.